3 flying myths you should know

3 Flying Myths You Should Know
3 Flying Myths You Should Know

We all have myths that we just believe without second thought -- but below are three myths about air travel that you should know before you fly.

1. Lightning strikes cause plane crashes.
Planes get struck by lightning all the time -- but an airplane has not been downed by lightning since 1967. Planes have to pass safety tests that mean if they are struck by lightning the current flows through the exterior of the plane to another extremity point.

2. Opening a door on a plane while flying is a health risk.
Cabin is pressurized during altitude, so no human could physically open the door, unless they were Superman.

3. The air on planes spreads disease.
Fliers breathe a mixture of fresh and recirculated air which makes it easier to regulate temperature and maintain some humidity. Air on planes carry fewer germs than the air in most crowded public places.

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