Behold 31 awesome photos from August 2014


As September and the final three weeks of summer get underway, look back on the month of August in photos.

The August collection has a particular summer flavor to it -- a beluga whale spitting water on spectators during a heat wave at an outdoor aquarium in Japan, the Supermoon rising over Madrid, an incredible double rainbow over a farm in Germany, a web of lightning in the night sky above protesters in Ferguson, and Darth Vader flanked by storm troopers throwing out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium.

One of the most stunning images in the August edition is an impeccably timed shot that creates the illusion that the setting sun is perched atop the point of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The image was captured by 35-year-old Jorge Cano, an Argentinian national who lives in Cairo. Cano, an engineer for a global supply company, lives on the ninth floor of an apartment building in south Cairo's Maadi neighborhood.

He told in an email that when he moved to Cairo, he specifically sought out an apartment with a view of the pyramids.

"I'm not a professional photographer, but I'm passionate about taking pictures," he said.

During his time there, he's taken many photos of the pyramids and the setting sun. He had pictures of the sun just to the right of the Great Pyramid and pictures of the sun just to its left. But the money shot eluded him for more than a year.

"Then I just made an estimation and was waiting for the day [that the sun would be perfectly positioned]," he explained. "Finally I've got the shot."

And what sort of camera was used to nail the shot? A modest "G15 pocket camera," he revealed, adding that his higher-powered DSLR camera was busy shooting a time-lapse video of the sunset. It's hard to tell, though, as the photo, bathed in smoldering orange sunlight, is difficult to not stare at.

Other great images include a shot of the action in Spain's annual "La Tomatina" festival, an impressionistic photo of a couple competing at the 2014 Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires and pro tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, of Denmark, caught in the midst of a major hair malfunction during play at the U.S. Open.

It was the last full summer month of 2014, so take some time to reflect and take a close look at your world through the mighty camera lens. See you next month.

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