Weekend Superlative: Most foolish fugitive of the week



From the panda who faked a pregnancy to the man who vowed to take down his neighbor's lemonade stand, this week's strange news cycle did not disappoint. But two stories in particular caught our eye and really had us thinking.

Now there's one thing we just can't decide on -- who was the most foolish fugitive of the week? Let us know who you think takes the cake below.

The fugitive who appeared on national TV

Miley Cyrus made waves at the VMAs -- again -- after having a homeless young man, Jesse Helt, accept her award on stage. Perhaps Helt should have given his appearance a second thought because he's been wanted by the Oregon police for three years after violating probation in 2011.

He was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, criminal trespass and burglary in 2010. According to court records, he broke into the apartment of a man who had been selling what Helt believed to be bad marijuana.

Following the media attention, Helt turned himself in and posted bail, an Oregon official said Thursday night, and it has been confirmed that Cyrus has offered to help pay for his legal help.

The serial bank robber who lost it all at a casino

This week, a bank robber learned that karma, just like the cops, catches up to you. Twenty-six-year-old Dorren Singh lost it all in Atlantic City after allegedly robbing 14 different New York City banks since January and running off with $32,000.

While fortune was taking its revenge, police were piecing together clues from surveillance footage of him ditching his disguise in a Manhattan subway station. When Singh returned home, investigators were there waiting.