Watch a pro baseball player try to hit a 180 mph fastball



This is what happens when a pro baseball player tries to hit a 180-something mph fastball.

Takeshi Yamasaki, a former star player with the Chunichi Dragons in Japan, was given the unenviable task recently on a Japanese variety show. A machine was created specifically for the segment.

The machine was wheeled out to the pitcher's mound and had an animation to mimic the throwing motion of a pitcher, but it did not help the retired slugger.

Yamasaki retired in 2013 after a 25-year career during which he claimed two home run titles and hit 403 dingers overall, but he could not get around on this high heat.

His reaction to the first pitch is priceless – he just laughs and drops the bat.

Most people wouldn't have the stones to step in for another, even former Rockies great Larry Walker switched to the other side of the plate to face Mariners flame thrower Randy Johnson, by Yamasaki stepped back into the batter's box.

He then asks how fast the pitch is and laughs when he is told more than 300 kilometers per hour (180 mph).

Strike two! The ball whizzes past him again, and again he laughs.

Yamasaki then decides to square around and bunt.

Again the ball whips past his bat and he doesn't even come close.

He may have struck out in the batter's box, but he hit a home run with baseball fans everywhere by standing in and facing those pitches.

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