Little kid is "exasperated" by news that his mom is pregnant

Boy Upset To Learn He'll Be A Big Brother Again
Boy Upset To Learn He'll Be A Big Brother Again

When mom Shanee Gibson Hart informed her children, Tre and Amaya, that she is having another baby, little Tre's reaction was priceless. Sure, he may have been "exasperated" ... but the web is completely obsessed with this well-spoken kid's response

When Shanee breaks the news, Tre immediately reminds his mom that she "already" has two kids. That's just about enough for Tre!

"What was you thinking? Why you have to get another baby? You just had two! This is exasperating, because you just got two! So why do you want to get another baby and just replace one of your babies if there's too much? That doesn't make sense. This makes no sense!," he says.

"If it makes sense ... then ... you just had two babies and you keep loving THEM forever, not having another baby between us!"

Poor little guy. Shanee reminds him that she has lots of love to go around, that he'll never be replaced, and that he'll adore and take care of his new sibling, too.

Amaya, on the other hand, doesn't seem fazed by the news. Finally, Tre concedes that everything will probably be OK -- but he requests "earplugs" just in case.

According to Hart's Facebook page, she and her husband were keeping the pregnancy a secret from their kids. Since posting it August 20th, it has been shared more than 310,000 times.

We can only imagine how Tre will react when he finds out if it'll be a baby brother or sister. Hopefully he reacts better than Gunner Mertlich did when he learned he was getting a third sister.

Check out the full video here:

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