'You are not the President of Sears': Obama lampooned online for tan suit



U.S. President Barack Obama took a tough stand on Russia and the Islamic State, but all anyone remembers from his press conference is a tan suit.

Obama has stuck to a regimen of dark-colored suits since becoming commander-in-chief. Black, blue, dark blue, grey – those have been his colors.

White House reporters and presidential watchers have become so used to Obama's dark suits that the light brown getup was jarring to many.

This is not the first time the leader of the free world's fashion sense, or lack thereof, has been ridiculed.

Jokes about Obama's baggy "mom jeans" have been making the rounds since he first appeared in them during the first few months of his presidency.

Even conservative blogger Michelle Malkin got in on the action.

Despite the faux outrage, this isn't the first time President Obama has worn a tan suit, according to the Boston Globe's Matt Viser.

Obama: 'Russia Is Responsible For The Violence In Eastern Ukraine'
Obama: 'Russia Is Responsible For The Violence In Eastern Ukraine'

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