On the Internet, your dog pets you

On The Internet, Your Dog Pets You!
On The Internet, Your Dog Pets You!

My, my, how the tables have turned.

If you're a dog-lover, you definitely want to see these photos:

A Yorkie pup named Rilo is changing the game for dogs and humans. Finally, you can rest your weary hands pet parents because your pooch will finally pet you.

Yes, this is literally a video of opposite day where a dog is petting the face of his owner instead of the other way around.

If you're a pet parent then you know how one-sided this love affair is: you pet and pet and they ask for more but give nothing in return. But, think of the possibilities if more dogs were like Rilo and started taking over human responsibilities.

You know you'll get home safe and sound after a night on the town when Fido is your designated driver.

Forget being forced to invite your annoying neighbor to game night. Mans best friend also has quite a poker face

How about a day off? What a world it will be when Rex heads to the office while you spend the day napping, climbing on the furniture and eating the occasional sock for a change.

It's always great to have a doctor in the family. It's even better to have one right in the house that conveniently sleeps at the foot of your bed.

After a long hard day wouldn't it be nice to come home to a gourmet meal compliments of Chef Rover? Finally you can be the one doing the begging by the side of the table.

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