On 45th anniversary of Sharon Tate's death, her sister speaks about Manson killers

Sister of Sharon Tate Opens Up About Murders and Manson
Sister of Sharon Tate Opens Up About Murders and Manson

It's been 45 years since the brutal slaying of starlet Sharon Tate and four others at the hand of notorious murderer Charles Manson and now, Tate's sister Debra is opening up to People Magazine.

Debra, who was 16 years old at the time, tells People that following the murders, her mother suffered from depression for nearly a decade. "We as a family had to take life day by day," Debra Tate said.

Even now Charles Manson remains a household name. Just last year news broke that Manson, still incarcerated, was set to marry a 25-year-old supporter. She is just one of many loyal Manson devotees
outside of prison. The cult leader's original followers are all serving life sentences.

"They're nothing special. They're just little creeps," Debra Tate told People about Manson's imprisoned followers. "They're nothing that should be regarded in any way, shape or form. What should be regarded are the people that were lost. They were truly magnificent people."

26-year-old Sharon Tate was found stabbed in her home along with 4 others on August 9, 1969. The murders were led by Manson and executed by his cult followers know as 'the family.' At the time, she was 8 months pregnant with her husband Roman Polanski's son.

Following the tragedy, Debra Tate has been active in ensuring that Manson and his followers never walk free, attending several parole hearings. He was denied parole at his last hearing in 2012. At the time the Parole Hearings Commissioner said Manson acquired over 100 serious disciplinary actions, was uncooperative and showed no remorse for the killings of nine people. He is eligible for parole again in 2027 and will be 92 years old at that time.

The Manson 'family':

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