N.Y. assistant principal admits to changing his son's grades

N.Y. Assistant Principal Admits To Changing His Son's Grades
N.Y. Assistant Principal Admits To Changing His Son's Grades

There are probably perks to having your dad on staff at school -- but changing failing grades to passing ones shouldn't be one of them.

An assistant principal in New York got busted for doing just that. Abdurrahim Ali admitted to hacking into the school's computer system and changing his son's grades 11 times.

His son is reportedly a basketball player who struggled in class. Ali coached his son's team, and investigators say he also changed the grades of other team members.

The grade changing came to light when someone notified the district's Conflict of Interest Board. Ali originally denied the allegations about changing his son's grades but confessed once investigators began looking into it.

The district reassigned him from his post and fined him $7,000 -- but some media outlets were amazed the financial consequences weren't greater, as he is still pulling in $100,000 from his salary in New York City.

Jenny Sedlis, the executive director of education reform advocate StudentsFirstNY, told the New York Post, "If an adult in the system has acted unethically and is not removed, what kind of message does that send to students?"

Ali's son graduated last spring. The New York City Department of Education hasn't mentioned whether his graduation status could be affected by this new information.

The department does have a strict policy against cheating, with consequences including community service and suspension.

The school's principal has not commented on the situation.

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