Minnie Driver makes shocking discovery about her ancestry


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Minnie Driver Makes A Shocking Discovery About Her Ancestry
Minnie Driver Makes A Shocking Discovery About Her Ancestry

On the season finale of "Who Do You Think You Are" Minnie Driver unraveled the truth about her father's double life. Minnie said her Dad was full of secrets and hid many things about his life ... so she looked into the lives of her grandparents to find out more.

Minnie was poring through papers and said, "Wait a minute, he had a son! Dad had a brother!"

She added,"Oh my god! He was an actor! I'm so happy!"

The Emmy and Academy award nominee said she was tickled to find out she had an uncle and that he was an actor.

As Us Weekly notes, Minnie also discovered that her father saved the lives of others in World War Two and was awarded a medal ... though he never talked about that either and apparently, threw it away, saying he didn't deserve them.

According to The Daily Mail, the reason the 44-year-old star went on the show to find out more about her father's past, because of her 5-year-old, Henry.

"I want Henry to have a different experience that what I had," Minnie said. "Where I come from there are these big gaps and I would like to fill those gaps for him. I think it's powerful knowing where you come from."