Kids with big dreams in their eyes, Pt. 2


By Glenn Albin

Certain people are born stars. And much to the annoyance of others, they have an in vitro ability to gather crowds. Others are late bloomers, barely surviving adolescent isolation; they assess their human wreckage and successfully repackage themselves. In this part two of a series, DoYouRemember revisits the irresistible pleasure in analyzing childhood photos, searching for clues that unlock fame's secret formula.

In America, anyone can be a star. You don't have to start with money. You don't need looks. You don't even necessarily have to have talent. You do have to have drive, like nobody's business. You have to have vision. And you have to really believe in yourself when no one else does. celebrates the success of those who dreamt really big. Look at these kids, into their eyes or at their novice gestures, and wonder what was going on in their little minds that would put them at the forefront of our culture and consciousness.

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