Tall men have the short end of the stick in marriage

Tall Men Have The Short End Of The Stick In Marriage
Tall Men Have The Short End Of The Stick In Marriage

You've heard that tall men may have the upper hand in the workplace, but it appears short men have the upper hand at home.

According to sociologists at NYU, tall men marry tend to marry older, wealthier women -- and those marriages also tend to end in divorce more often.

On the flip side, shorter men are more likely to marry younger women who are less educated, but they have a higher chance of staying together (maybe because the male is making more money than his spouse).

The researchers say, "This further confirms an existence of height-based status exchange in which short men compensate for their lower physical status with higher proportional earnings, while tall men appear more likely to use their status to attract women with higher relative earnings."

A separate study out of the University of Hawaii found short people have a gene called FOX03, which leads to a longer lifespan. So not only will short men be married longer... but they'll be alive longer.

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