Girl says H.S. band hazing ritual was terrifying

Girl Says HS Band Hazing Ritual Was Terrifying
Girl Says HS Band Hazing Ritual Was Terrifying

"I did say I don't want to be here. They said just go along with it," an alleged hazing victim said.

KTLA reports: During band camp practice at Downey High School on Monday, this freshman says that some seniors did things to her that she didn't feel was right.

"They put bags over my friends' heads," she said. "They covered us with pads -- and put red marker to make it look used."

She says her arms were bound:

"They tied us up with tape. [We] couldn't do anything. My friend was screaming. I was scared too."

She goes on, "They said get on the ground and army crawl. They were hitting us with small broom things."

It goes on:

"They put music on and wanted us to twerk. [...] They squirted whipped cream tn our hair, clothes."

She was told it was an initiation to get into band -- and she told her mother about it.

"I'm pissed off. I'm a mama bear. Nobody hurts my cub," the freshman's mother said.

She reported it to school officials, who are now looking into it.

"She's 14. Who's gonna pay for her psychological damage," the mother asked in outrage.

She says roughly a dozen students were also harassed -- and it happened in the same area where other teams hold practice.

"They humiliated us. People were recording us and stuff," the freshman said.

According to her, some parent volunteers were there, but nobody put a stop to it. On campus Tuesday, most students and parents didn't want to comment.

"I got her into this to help her blossom and open up -- not to be tortured in some satanic hazing ritual," the freshman's mother said. "If this had been somebody off the street, they would have been arrested for abuse, for assault ..."

The district superintendent says that hazing and harassment are not condoned and proper disciplinary action will be taken, if necessary -- but couldn't comment further.

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