'Candid Camera': Rachel of 'Good Morning America' gets pranked

'Candid Camera': GMA's Rachel Smith Gets Pranked And It's Hilarious
'Candid Camera': GMA's Rachel Smith Gets Pranked And It's Hilarious

Rachel Smith of ABC's "Good Morning America" dropped by "Candid Camera" to surprise someone and let them know that they were on "Candid Camera." Little did she know, she was the one in for a surprise.

Peter told the 'stranger,' "You're not only on Candid Camera."

Rachel added, "You're on Good Morning America!"

The person ... did not take it well, saying "You know, you guys, it's not really the right day for this." She said, "I actually don't find it funny and I don't like to be messed with. I don't want to be on television, okay?"

Rachel was not sure how to react, but Peter quickly cut in: "This is Linda Gully, a producer at Candid Camera."

Rachel exclaimed, "Seriously?! Y'all! Oh my god!"

As you might have imagined, Rachel was shocked to find out she was the one who was being pranked.

As ABC News notes, Rachel was there to do a story about the show's return to television a few weeks back. Fans were loving the skit, calling it hilarious. To catch more episodes of "Candid Camera" you can tune in Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TV Land.

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