World's first professional bridesmaid-for-hire explains the concept

Meet the World's First Bridesmaid-for-Hire
Meet the World's First Bridesmaid-for-Hire

Talk about being married to your job!

A New York woman is making headlines for cashing in on her love of weddings. 26-year-old Jen Glantz loves going to weddings so much that she now takes part professionally -- as a bridesmaid-for-hire. She offers the service to strangers for a fee.

On her website, she writes: "Not everyone wants to be a bridesmaid. First they'll start to ignore email chains from other bridesmaids and then show up three hours late on the day of the wedding, making the bride panic so much that she'll be on the verge of filing a missing person report!"

That's where Jen comes in. Her role includes helping to write speeches, getting the guests dancing and even lifting the bride's massive dress when she needs to go to the rest room. (Hey,there's a lot of heavy layers!)

Jen explains that since you are never taught to be a bridesmaid, it can be tricky to step into the role -- and friendships can even suffer.

Her prices range based on the couple's budget and how much she's doing for the bride. In some cases, she's basically acting as a wedding planner, while in others, she's helping out as emotional support and with to-do lists. She explains that the cheapest price so far has been $199, and it goes up from there.

Her first wedding-for-hire is September 6th in Minnesota.

So, when someone comes up and asks her how she knows the bride? Glantz explains her answer is "up to the bride. I can be a distant cousin or a new recent friend. All in all she can say, 'I hired this woman to help me out.'"

P.S. She'll be part of the photos if you want.

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