Weird things you do when you're home alone

10 Weird Things You Do When You're Alone
10 Weird Things You Do When You're Alone

Everyone needs some alone time now and then, right? Even if it's just to do silly things like random impersonations in front of the mirror or to take as many awkward selfies as your heart desires.

Whether you want to admit it or not, we know that you've probably done at least one or two of these things when no one else was around ...

1. Trying out new elaborate and weird sitting positions.

2. Doing impersonations of your favorite childhood movies in front of the mirror.

3. Creating and wearing weird outfits around the house.

4. Discovering new and amazing food combinations like Hot Cheetos & ranch!

5. Taking awesome, awkward selfies.

6. Singing pop hits at the top of your lungs

7. Having full conversations with your pet fish.

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