Parenting is so much harder now -- here's why

Parenting Is So Much Harder Now!
Parenting used to be so much easier than it is now. Today, moms and dads have so much more to oversee, with "all the machines going on" and even "adult playdates."

"If my kids wanted to go to someone else's house, I would say check with their mom ... Okay, buh-bye," Joanie Robach said on Mad Life.

But it's not like that anymore, the Made Life crew decided. Now, parents have to be compatible with other parents, too.

"This world is such a different world," Robach said. "And I respect this younger generation."

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Parenting is so much harder now -- here's why

Chewy, moist, and soft, these cookies are sure to kick start your afternoon! Since kids perpetually want dessert, these Chocolate Chip Cookies are the perfect snack! Throw a few of these in a ziplock bag and take them on your way to school or work. 

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Banana blueberry muffins are perfect on-the-go! They are great for lunch, picnics, and it may also be good to have on hand when the kids are craving something sweet while you're on the move.

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After trying this recipe once, using Cheez-Its as a crust for your mac and cheese will be a no-brainer. The salty, crunchy qualities of the crackers add a balance of texture and flavor to a creamy, mild, (and dare we say cheesy) mac and cheese.

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These no-bake, no-sugar granola bars won't take you more than 10 minutes. And you can load them with any kind of nut or fruit you want.

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Many kids love those frozen chicken nuggets you can buy at the grocery store, but it's no surprise they're not the healthiest. You don't always have to tell them what you made it with, check out this healthy alternative!

See the recipe on Kitchen Daily. 

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Sneak in more vegetable servings with a sandwich! It's any easy way to pack up the nutrients to go!

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Change up the traditional PB&J menu with some quick alternatives. Try berries and cream cheese for an easy and delicious change-up!

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Pita chips are quick and easy to make on your own! Throw them in the lunch box with hummus for a great snack. 

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Lettuce wraps are a healthy addition to any lunch menu! Make them with chicken, turkey, pork, or veggies and add spices to pump up the flavor. 

See the recipe on Kitchen Daily's 5 Spice Turkey Lettuce Wrap recipe.

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Try turning the traditional lunch box into a bento box! It's an easy way to include all the food groups for the afternoon.

See Kitchen Daily for the recipe. 

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