On this day in history: Baseball was televised for the first time, August 26, 1939

This Day In History: 08/26/1939 - First Televised MLB Game

On August 26, 1939 Major League Baseball was televised for the first time.

1920: The 19th amendment was adopted, giving women the right to vote.
1944: Charles de Gaulle enters Paris, one day after the city is liberated during WWII.
1959: The Mini Cooper debuts on the automotive market.
1964: Lyndon B. Johnson was nominated as a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in Atlantic City, NJ.
1980: Macaulay Culkin, the star of Home Alone, was born in Manhattan.
2013: Kate Gosselin files a lawsuit against her ex-husband, Jon, on accusations of computer and hacking conspiracies.
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