Metro Boston drivers named the worst in America, again



Drivers in multiple Massachusetts cities have been ranked the worst in America by Allstate Insurance.

Worcester and nearby Boston have been ranked the most accident-prone cities in the country for 2014. The safest is Fort Collins, Colorado.

The annual ranking of best and worst drivers put out by the insurance company ranks cities by average years between accidents, accident likelihood against the national average, population, city density and weather.

None are worse than Massachusetts, for two years running.

Worcester drivers have accidents every 4.3 years, are 134.8 percent more prone to smash up their cars against the average American and have the worst weather in the country, Allstate claims.

This is the second year in a row that Worcester has been the most dangerous place to drive in the U.S.

They are the only motorists ranked lower than Boston, a town whose drivers are derisively called "Mass holes" for their propensity to jump curbs, cut others off, ignore traffic signs and signals, and pavement markings.

Drivers in Washington, D.C. save Massachusetts from claiming the three worst spots, but Springfield, in the western part of the state, and Providence, Rhode Island, round out the bottom five.

New York drivers, notorious across the country for their aggressive lane changes and propensity to hit the gas as people try to cross streets, ranked 45 spots lower than Worcester, at 155th.

The Big Apple dropped 17 places from last year, but drivers in "the city so nice they named it twice" are only 28.8 percent more likely to be in accidents than the national average.

Drivers in Fort Collins, Colorado, were named the best in the nation.

Click through this gallery of the nation's best drivers:

They are in accidents only once every 14 years and are nearly 30 percent less likely to be in pile ups than the national average.

This means they are nearly 200 percent less likely to be in accidents than their awful-driving Worcester counterparts.

Brownsville, Texas, drivers were named the second-best. Boise, Idaho, came in third. Kansas City, Kansas, came in fourth and Huntsville, Alabama, rounded out the top five.

Large cities tend to not do well on Allstate's rankings. The best ranked major metropolitan area is Phoenix, Arizona – in 79th.

The biggest drop came to Newport News, Virginia. The coastal town's ranking plummeted from number one last year to only 48th this year.

But that still does not even come close to approaching the incompetency on metro Boston's roads.

Beantown drivers there are so bad that offered up the following advice to motorists involved in a never-ending mass of pile ups.

"Follow the golden rule: blame someone else."

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Where Do The Worst Drivers In The U.S. Live?

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