'Hotel Hell': Master chef Gordon Ramsay introduces dog Rumple

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'Hotel Hell': Meet Chef Gordon Ramsay's Adorable Dog Rumpole
'Hotel Hell': Meet Chef Gordon Ramsay's Adorable Dog Rumpole

On "Hotel Hell" Chef Gordon Ramsay visited The Four Seasons Inn and Dog Kennel in West Dover, Vermont that was in need of some major renovations.

The hotel was dirty and not really fit for dogs or people, but by the end of the renovations Ramsay said he would definitely let his own dog stay there, and even introduced his pup on the show.

Ramsay asked the hotel owner, "Do you, do you want to meet Rumpole?" Turning to Rumpole, he sweetly said, "Hello mate, come here! Hey look at you... who's that?"

That was Ramsay's precious bulldog Rumpole meeting the owner of the hotel's dog, Layla, in the newly renovated dog kennel. When Ramsay first arrived, he said the kennels looked more like a prison. So, he doubled the size of the stalls and added a bit of bedding completely changing the feel of space.

This isn't the first time Ramsay's dog has earned a bit of spotlight. Back in 2010 he made some headlines after humping Victoria Beckham's leg and making similar moves on baby Spice Emma Bunton until a frustrated Ramsay pulled him off of the girls.

After meeting Ramsay's adorable pitbull, Sandy Macdougall, the owner of the hotel and kennel said he was delighted with the changes Ramsay made to the hotel. The famous chef even renamed the inn Layla's Riverside Lodge, after the owner's dog Layla. Awww.