Can jealousy ever be good for your relationship?

Can Jealousy Ever Be Good for Your Relationship?
Can Jealousy Ever Be Good for Your Relationship?


Can jealousy be a good thing? CafeMom's Andrew Shue had some burning questions about the green monster of envy: Why does it happen? Can it be healthy -- even crucial to a functioning relationship? Shue went digging for answers, and decided to discuss jealousy with two important people in his life: his mother-in-law, Joanie Robach and his best pal, Chuck Nice.

As the three sit down, Shue admits something to Robach: "I've never been a jealous person, until I met your daughter."

But Shue is really posing one basic question, and that is: is jealousy real?

The three agree that jealousy is in fact, valid. Nice states that jealousy is really just a fear of losing something or someone. In contrast to envy, which Robach says is coveting what another has.

The verdict is that yes, contained jealousy can sometimes be part of a healthy relationship, as it keeps both parties on their toes.

'We don't have all the answers, but we sure have a hell of a time trying to figure it out," Shue says of his discussion on jealousy.

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