50 most popular Twitter profiles by state

50 Most Popular Twitter Profiles By State
50 Most Popular Twitter Profiles By State

BuzzFeed used data from Twitaholic.com to rank the most followed twitter users (excluding companies) and ranked them by their listed location.

Did you know that Lady Gaga is the most followed in New York -- and that Katy Perry takes the top spot in California? Read on to find who's the most Twitter-loved in your state.

Alabama: @Yelawolf
Alaska: @Sarahpalinusa 1,090,000
Arizona: @Jimmyeatworld 2,870,000
Arkansas: @A1laflare10 102,000
California: Currently the most followed twitter user is...@Katyperry 54,700,000 #Boss
Colorado: @Robbanasophia 343,000
Connecticut: @tripleh 1,780,000
Delaware: @Darrellhudson 48,400 Darrell whojQuery19107366812991394582_1409058717445
Florida: @Pitbull 17,400,000
Georgia: @Tip 5,310,000
Hawaii: @croon1 986,000
Idaho: @social_buttrfly 43,500
Illinois: Oprah? Nope! She lives in California. The correct answer is...Jennifer Hudson 3,560,000
Indiana: @realjohngreen 2,990,000
Iowa: @Stonesour 280,000
Kansas: @djmany 1,110,000
Kentucky: @Rajonrondo 1,660,000
Louisiana: @drewbrees 1,950,000
Maine: @drchrisnorthrup 75,000
Maryland: 978,000 @joetrippi
Massachusetts: @johncena 6,410,000
Michigan: @eminem 18,6000,000
Minnesota: @owlcity 1,320,000
Mississippi: @teddibiase 653,000
Missouri: @nelly_mo 3,730,000
Montana: @Hankgreen 473,000
Nebraska: @jackjackjohnson 1,260,000
Nevada: @DJpaulyd 4,370,000 aka the man who wrote this: "Is it weird to go school clothes shopping if I'm not in schooljQuery191006197625235654414_1429451700974!!"
Also, he has 800,000 more followers than @JK_Rowling
New Hampshire: @yvettegr 222,000
New Jersey: @Corybooker 1,480,000
New Mexico: @Carloscondit 216,000
New York: @Ladygaga 41,900,000
North Carolina: @Galifianakisz 4,150,000
North Dakota: @tweetbrk 23,700 (She's a freelance journalist)
Ohio: @nickswisher 1,710,000
Oklahoma: @Russwest44 1,950,000
Oregon: @colinmeloy 1,500,000
Pennsylvania: @Wizkhalifa 14,700,000
Rhode Island: @Marieforce 135,000
South Carolina: @noaheverett 4,280,000
South Dakota: @chelseahouska 1,310,000
Tennessee: @Taylorswift13 42,700,000
Texas: @DDLovato 24,000,000
Utah: @Davidkwilliams 2,060,000
Vermont: @Billmckibben 128,000
Virginia: @pusha_t 913,000
Washington: @billgates 17,000,000
West Virginia: @paulhelmick 43,000
Wisconsin: @packers 701,000
Wyoming: @thefatcowboy 23,000
Washington D.C.: 45,300,000 @Barackobama

Maybe you'll have the most follower in your state one day! Let us know who you were most surprised about.