10 surreal images of Earth shot by a high-definition satellite that will take your breath away


The Chinese government has a released a series of stunning high definition images taken from space by a state-of-the-art satellite.

China's Gaofen-1 satellite was launched in April 2013. It was the first of many scheduled to be put into orbit by the country and the first ever made with high-definition imaging equipment.

It was fired into space to detect border crossings, bust drug operations and uncover other illegal activity, the Chinese government announced earlier this month.

But officials also released a series of 10 stunning false-color images of the Chinese countryside.

False colors cause water to show as blue, dirt in gray and plants in red -- the images have a sci-fi feel to them.

They are also remarkably clear and detailed - unlike anything ever seen before.

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Satellite That Will Provide Richer Images Of Earth Goes Into Space
Satellite That Will Provide Richer Images Of Earth Goes Into Space

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