Water containing high levels of fluoride could hurt your IQ

Water Containing High Levels Of Fluoride Could Hurt Your IQ
Water Containing High Levels Of Fluoride Could Hurt Your IQ

Some scary news for those in the Northeast -- the water you're drinking might be hurting your health.

New data shows several communities in Maine and other New England states are drinking and using water with dangerously high levels of fluoride.

The toxic substance, which is often used in pesticides, can cause bone damage and possibly even a decline in IQ.

A Harvard Study in 2012 concluded that children who live in areas with high-fluoride water levels have significantly lower IQ scores.

The areas cited in the recent data reportedly contain more than twice the amount deemed acceptable for exposure by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The New England states are at higher risk because of granite, which is known to contain high levels of fluoride. Researchers suspect the substance is being drawn into water wells.

Unfortunately, it will take more than a counter top filter attachment to protect against the risk. Health officials recommend advanced technology that isn't too cheap -- but there's always Smart Water.

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