Awkward red carpet moments at the Emmys

Watch: The Emmys' Awkward Red Carpet Moments
Watch: The Emmys' Awkward Red Carpet Moments

There was no shortage of cringe-worthy moments at the Emmys live red carpet. First, Giuliana Rancic told Debra Messing she was a "friend of E!''s" and that he "loved her so much," but then...

Check out the red carpet arrivals below:

Giuliana: "Who don't we love though? You know, we're pretty celebrity-friendly."
Debra: "I like to think that I'm special, and now you're taking it all back."
Giuliana: "I owe you an apology because that was very rude of me."

Next, Ross Mathews made things awkward for Melissa McCarthy and her hubby.

Ross: "What are you guys going to do to celebrate for birthdays? Is this just occurring to you now?"
Melissa: "Uh oh!"
Ross: "Oh god, this is awkward."

Also, did Giuliana Rancic forget that Laverne Cox didn't end up winning an Emmy for outstanding guest actress in a comedy series?

Giuliana: "Do you have your speech ready?"
Laverne: "I already lost in my category."
Giuliana: "No! The show!"
Laverne: "I don't make the speech for the show."

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