Vietnam veteran gets a new kidney and forms a lifelong bond

Stranger Donates Kidney to Vietnam Veteran

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you don't believe in fate, you might just change your mind after hearing two friend's story: a man needed a kidney so a complete stranger donated his. But it's what happened after that, they say changed their lives forever.

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Vietnam veteran gets a new kidney and forms a lifelong bond

At the Embassy Suites in Kansas City two men, who began as strangers, got the surprise of a lifetime.

Mark Schifferle and Robert Murphy are very different in many ways, but there's something they share, that you can't see.

"I'm part of him," said Schifferle.

Their story began one year ago. Murphy was on dialysis, in serious condition. He needed a new kidney.

"I get this phone call. The guy said I want to give you a kidney," said Murphy.

It was Schifferle on the other line.

"I was doing this as much for him as I was myself," he said.

Schifferle ran across Murphy on a website called Kidney Connection. But there was a specific reason he chose him.

"He just automatically became my hero," said Schifferle.

Murphy is a Vietnam veteran. Schifferle was never drafted, and has felt a sort of guilt his whole life.

"I just wanted to put that war away," he said. "If I never talk to him after the surgery that would be fine by me if that's the way it would work out."

The surgery was a success, but there's more that came out of it then just Murphy's clean bill of health.

"We talk almost every day. We have a lifetime commitment," he said.

Their journey took them to Kansas City to be honored by other veterans who say their story is proof destiny does exist.

"There's more good people out there then there is bad. I'm just really blessed he picked me," said Murphy.

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