'RHONJ': Victoria Gotti makes crazy reveal about housewife's husband

'RHONJ': Victoria Gotti Makes Crazy 'Reveal' About Housewife's Husband
'RHONJ': Victoria Gotti Makes Crazy 'Reveal' About Housewife's Husband

On 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' the godmother of Italian life made an appearance -- Victoria Gotti.

And she brought a big rumor, saying housewife Teresa Aprea's husband Rino cheated on her, and who it was allegedly with.

"I went, 'what, her sister?'"
"Oh no."
"He went, 'No.' I said, 'Well who then? What would
be so...?' And he just looked at me and said, 'Her mother.'"

Yes, Victoria said that Rino was her friend, and he told her he cheated on his wife with his wife's mother.

The Stir said Gotti seemed very convincing when telling her story, but on Twitter, Teresa and Rino were re-Tweeting fans who called the story a lie -- a ploy by Gotti for camera time.Rino dubbed it a salacious and manufactured story.

As for Gotti, she Tweeted this picture -- a quote from her father about how he never lied.

If you're wondering about Gotti's connection to the show, she and Teresa Giudice have been friends for years, they appeared on NBC's 'Celebrity Apprentice' together.