Ice Bucket challenge video lands NE man in jail

Ice Bucket Challenge Lands NE Man In Jail
Ice Bucket Challenge Lands NE Man In Jail

One Nebraska man's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge not only spread awareness of Lou Gehrig's disease ... it also landed him in jail. Jesean Morris, 20, was wanted for a parole violation when he posted his challenge online.

It was eventually taken down -- but not before a Facebook friend saw the video and tipped off police to Morris's exact location. A police spokesman told, "They were given a specific house [by the tipster.]"

Check out some celeb challenges (that ended without cuffs):

Morris didn't seem nearly as eager to get into a police cruiser as he did about getting ice water dumped on his head. Apparently he gave police a false name, kicked out the safety partition in the vehicle, and spat in an officer's face.

Morris had been on parole since March when he was released after serving a sentence on a 2010 conviction for attempted second degree assault using a firearm. He's back in jail on the warrant as well as suspicion of criminal impersonation, resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer.

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