Bride-to-be postpones wedding in search missing father

Bride-To-Be Searching For Father
Bride-To-Be Searching For Father

Raymond Locascio went missing on July 8 hours after trying on a tux for his daughter Suzanne's wedding. Now the bride-to-be is putting her nuptials on hold to find her father.

His car was found in a state park two days after his family called police. His wife, Barbara says it's possibly her diabetic husband got disoriented that day because he'd been up since 2 am and he hadn't eaten lunch.

Some reports claim police dogs were called in to track Locascio's scent which ended in the woods near a lake. Police aren't ruling out any possibility for his disappearance.

A fund has been set up for the Locascio family on to help them with their expenses during the investigation.

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