Student arrested after class assignment goes wrong

High School Student Arrested After Class Assignment Goes Wrong
High School Student Arrested After Class Assignment Goes Wrong

Alex Stone is a freshman at Summerville High School in South Carolina and his lawyer says a class assignment was taken too seriously by school officials.

Stone's teacher reportedly told students to write a few sentences about themselves as if they were posting Facebook updates. He wrote a fictional story that said: "I killed my neighbor's pet dinosaur." And then: "I bought the gun to take care of business."

That second post didn't sit well and he was suspended.

Police were also called in to search his locker and say Stone became disruptive so they arrested him.

His mother is furious about the situation and Stone told WCSC he understands the sensitive nature of his post, but it was taken completely out of context and the school's reaction was irrational.

"I regret it because they put it on my record but I don't see the harm in it. I think there might have been a better way of putting it but I think me writing like that it shouldn't matter unless I put it towards a person."

Earlier reports claim Stone was arrested over his use of the word "gun" in the assignment, but police clarified it was because he was being disorderly while they were searching through his belongings.