Pizza delivery man gets incredible surprise after traumatic robbery

Pizza Delivery Man Gets Incredible Surprise After Traumatic Robbery
Pizza Delivery Man Gets Incredible Surprise After Traumatic Robbery

CHESTERFIELD, Va. - Chesterfield neighbors, disturbed that a young man was robbed in their community, started hitting each other up on Facebook and quickly came up with a plan to collect a large tip to give to a driver who suffered a traumatic night near their homes.

They decided to give him that big tip when he delivered a pizza.

He was robbed at gunpoint, while checking his GPS, at Jacobs Glen and Fordham Roads Sunday night around 7 p.m. $115 the Vocelli's delivery man had set aside for his car insurance was swiped while he sat in his car at a stop sign.

"His getting robbed like that is not a representation of this community," said Mary Beth Cox, who saw his story on CBS-6 and logged on to Facebook to gauge the community's temperature. "We saw that he had surgery last year, and then had 115 dollars of his own money stolen. I said it would be nice to get other neighbors involved in this."

So the collection began and the neighborhood decided Wednesday night was pizza night.

"We ordered pizza and he said he got lost getting here," Cox said, laughing. "I felt really bad so after he gave me the pizza, I said we have something for you from the neighborhood."

Cox said the driver was quite taken aback by the kindness. He told CBS-6 by phone that the residents of Jacobs Glen restored his faith in humanity.

And he's not alone in feeling that way. "I'm touched and surprised," said Ben Van Nest, the operating partner at Vocelli's.

Van Nest says the community came through for a young man who's been down on his luck. Offering up toppings of love and support, reminds him of why he loves living in Metro-Richmond. "Yes, we have good attractions and good restaurants, but we have awesome people and a community who chose to put our guy before their personal needs," he said.

The driver told me the community raised about $250.

Police are looking for a white man with a muscular build who is between 5' 9" and to 6' tall with tattoos on both arms and one hand.

If you saw this man near Jacobs Road Elementary School Sunday, call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.

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