How short is too short for school?

By: Dr. Karen Latimer

Hemlines historically have been used to demonstrate independence and confidence. A hundred years ago, a glimpse of a lady's ankle in public was shocking. Now, thanks to flappers, hippies and women of all ages and shapes, we can show a little leg without causing outrage. However, there is a time and a place for everything."If you wear short skirts, you get your femininity back." – Heather MillsRecently, while walking through a restaurant with my husband and another couple, we stopped to check out a party in full swing. Girls, all wearing black dresses shorter and tighter than the band in a Robert Palmer video, were dancing to Beyonce. I can appreciate sexy legs as much as anyone, so for a few seconds it was hard to look away. Then, my friend saw the congratulations sign and announced it was a Bat Mitzvah celebration. The girls were not more than 13. We all averted our eyes quickly and the men, both of whom have daughters, ran for the door. While I try very hard to not pass parenting judgment, I have to admit, my initial thought was, "How could their mothers let them out of the house looking like that?"

While wearing a short skirt is a right of passage, you may want to set some boundaries. Precocious attire on adolescents and teens always seems a little sad, no matter how open minded I want to be. While some fights are not worth fighting, and kids need fashion independence to express themselves, school is not a party, and like it or not, they will be judged by their appearance.

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