Woman starts massive fire to help bored firefighters


Woman Starts Massive Fire To Help Bored Firefighters
Woman Starts Massive Fire To Help Bored Firefighters

Sometimes it's not the thought that counts.

Sadie Renee Johnson, 23, admitted to starting a fire in Oregon last summer because she was trying to drum up business for her friends who worked for a fire department.

She threw a firecracker out of her car into the Warm Springs Indian Reservation because she says her friends were bored and needed work.

Her "helping hand" started a fire, later known as the Sunnyside Turnoff Fire,that spread more than 50,000 acres and cost nearly $8 million. Dozens of homes were evacuated, roads were closed and it took more than a month until the fire was declared out.

She became the target of the investigation after she reportedly posted astatus update on her Facebook page two days after the fire began that simply asked: "like my fire?"

Johnson has been ordered to pay the full restitution of $7.9 million. She's scheduled to be sentenced on September 3 and faces and additional fine of $250,000.