Uber clients claim they were charged five times more than quoted price

How Did This Man's Uber Ride Go From $45 To $800?
How Did This Man's Uber Ride Go From $45 To $800?

Alan Dumpit told KTLA that he and his friends used the ride-sharing app Uber to get to a concert in Whittier on Aug 3rd.

The ride to the concert was about $45, but the 20-mile return trip several hours later was $814, one of the passengers said.

Passenger Alan Dumpit claims that he checked the charges before leaving the concert and was expecting to pay about $150 -- and that the driver even promised him and his friends some sort of "deal" that made them believe that they wouldn't even have to pay that.

Uber responded with the following statement: "This is a simple case of buyer's remorse. The surge confirmation screen requires you to type in the specific surge multiplier to ensure you understand what rates to expect. The fact is that these riders received a safe, convenient ride from a driver with an outstanding user rating and over 3,000 trips on the platform."

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