'The Hulk' interrupts news station's flood coverage

'The Hulk' Interrupts News Station's Flood Coverage

After a nasty flood in Chicago, WGN news anchors Larry Potash and Robin Baumgarten spoke with Lou Manfredini about flood cleanup. As they were talking, a chopper was panning over effected areas of Chicago such as this on in Oak Lawn. Soon, they panned over an interesting lawn that featured a life-sized Hulk sculpture.

A man living in the house seemed to notice the chopper filming -- so he came out and gave his best impression of the Hulk's signature pose. Anchors joked that the flood didn't reach the backyard because it was "too scared." They noted that it was the "safest house in town."

That wasn't the only time these news anchors had a funny moment on air. Take a look at how they reacted to technical difficulties:
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