Officer delivers baby in tire center parking lot

Officer Delivers Baby In Tire Center Parking Lot
Officer Delivers Baby In Tire Center Parking Lot

A ​Sacramento-area police officer helped deliver a baby after a couple frantically pulled up next to his police car and started honking for help.

When an employee of that store, Les Schwab Tire Center, came out to see what was going on, he was 'probably traumatized for life.'

Although we're happy Jesiah came into this world just fine, it could have been a very serious situation. Officer Dan Templeton said the baby's head was crowning and he was blue by the time he got down to help.

According to KOVR, Officer Templeton had basic training on delivering babies, but he relied more on the knowledge gained seeing his own kids delivered.

"Once the baby was delivered, the adrenaline rush, I'm shaking," he said.

Though each child delivered is unique, the story isn't. Other officers have helped deliver on the side of the road, too. Listen to these:

In April, a Hawaii County police officer delivered his own child on the side of a highway. Hawaii News Now says the little girl was born in just minutes.

In July, a California officer had just arrived for his shift when he got a call from his wife saying she was in labor. KTLA reports he went home and delivered his son at his house.

As for Officer Templeton, he told KXTV: "The highlight of my career. It's an amazing day."

Jesiah's mother joked that people were suggesting she name her baby something like Les or Schwab after the tire center. They decided his middle name would be Daniel, after the officer. Jesiah weighed in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces.

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