Mom, two daughters all teach at same school in Rural Hall

Mom, Two Daughters Teach at Same School
Mom, Two Daughters Teach at Same School

RURAL HALL, N.C. - For students at Rural Hall Elementary School the odds are good that their teacher will be Ms. Chunn this year.

"It was very exciting," said Robin Chunn, who has been a kindergarten teacher at the school for 32 years. "It was a dream come true for me."

Three years ago, her daughter Katie Chunn joined her as a kindergarten teacher and by coincidence was placed in the classroom next door. This year Robin's other daughter, Ashley Chunn, was hired as a PE teacher in the gym across the hall.

"We are all right next door," said Katie. "So if I yell at her everybody will hear it. I'm just kidding."

Three teachers, right next to each other, with the same last name can create a few questions. "[Parents] are like which one are you?" said Ashley. "I'm the daughter and sister."

Before this school year, students were able to keep the mom and daughter apart. "When it was just the two of us we were referred to as the momma Chunn, baby Chunn," said Robin, who raised her family in community and all her children, including a son, attended Rural Hall Elementary. "This is like coming home for them."

For the daughters they say the greatest blessing is learning to teach from the best, their mom, who is now right next door or across the hall.

"I'm very proud of my daughters," said Robin. "Very, very proud."

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