Couple texts only with emojis for 30 days

Couple Texts Only With Emojis for 30 Days
Couple Texts Only With Emojis for 30 Days

For one month, a couple of two years decided to run a test and use only emojis to communicate in their text messages. As you would expect, they ran into some challenges -- but also experienced joy with this communication technique.

Alex Goldmark and Liza Stark downloaded every emoji app they could get their hands on so they could have a variety of images to choose from.

The Christian Science Monitor notes that Goldmark and Stark didn't just decide to ditch the English language this out of the blue -- Goldmark was challenged by New Tech City, the WNYC radio show on which he's the senior producer.

Here's an example of a conversation they tried to have. Can you tell what's happening on the left-hand side?


Here, Liza's trying to tell Alex "don't come to drinks tonight, one of my friends had a death in the family and it's just going to be a girl's night."

He interpreted that as "oh, you missed me!"

They said that their biggest issues were logistics, and that it was difficult to get negative news across. However, they had a lot more fun texting loving, sweet or positive notes. "I love you" or "I miss you" had a lot more impact through emojis.

They said that after the 30 days were over and they could use words again, they actually missed their emoji texts and reverted back to them.

Click here for the audio interview with the couple on New Tech City.

Emoji party!

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