Couple allegedly used life-like dolls to enter maternity ward

Couple Allegedly Tries Using Dolls To Enter Maternity Ward
Couple Allegedly Tries Using Dolls To Enter Maternity Ward

A California couple brought life-like dolls into the ER for supposed treatment in an attempt to sneak into the maternity ward at Mercy Medical Center in Merced. That's according to hospital security. The couple attempted this not once, but twice.

VIA KFSN: "Merced security staff said the couple was so keen on their fake children, they even got them to pose for pictures."

The woman reportedly even wore nurse's scrubs. The man would reportedly wait in a main room with the doll, while the woman tried to gain access to the OB unit.

Their attempts were blocked by security both times. A spokesman for the hospital spoke with the Merced Sun-Star, saying he's never heard of people using dolls in this manner. "We do not [know] why they were in the hospital."

Although there's relief the hospital's security was effective, the story is frightening for new parents.

One parent told KFSN, "I just had my son like a year ago, and that was my main concern was always wanting to make sure who had my baby."

Police are investigating, but, as of now, they haven't technically done anything illegal. The hospital told the couple if they returned, they could be arrested for trespassing. Messages in the comments sections show some suspect the couple was trying to switch a doll for a real child, but the hospital did not speculate on this.

In May, a woman dressed like a nurse gained access to a Canadian maternity ward and stole a baby born 16 hours earlier. But thanks to an Amber alert and social media posts by the police, two friends spotted the alleged abductor's vehicle and returned the baby to her family within hours of disappearing.

Soon afterwards, the hospital in Canada announced plans to upgrade surveillance systems and use electronic bracelets that would alert security if a baby was taken out of the maternity ward.