Best man's hilarious 'Let It Go' parody speech

Best Man's 'Frozen'-Inspired Wedding Speech Goes Viral
Best Man's 'Frozen'-Inspired Wedding Speech Goes Viral

Joey thought it would be touching to create his own lyrics and sing his way through the best man speech at his friend's wedding.

'Best Man Joey' brought the room to tears (happy ones) while singing a toast to newly married couple Dom and Rebecca Clark at their wedding to the tune of the song "Let It Go" from the Disney movie.

His effort was a total hit, ultimately bringing the crowd to their feet and cheering on the best man. And good thing it was a hit -- it reportedly took Joe six months to write and memorize the song!

The Daily Mirror quotes Boyes as saying he's known Dominic all his life and wanted to do something special for his wedding. "We both did theater when we were younger and Becky loves Disney so this seemed perfect. It went down much better than I expected."

And everyone else seems to agree. Boyes' performance earned him a standing ovation from the wedding guests and the approval of manynewsoutlets around the world.

Dominic's new wife, Rebecca, posted the video to YouTube a few days after the wedding, where it's gotten more than 200,000 views and dozens of comments calling the song "epic" and "clever." Some posters even asked if Boyes could sing at their weddings.

And if you thought "Best Man Joe" couldn't get any cooler, according to that same YouTube page, he sold CDs of his speech at the wedding to raise money for two charities chosen by the bride and groom's families.

We're thinking Elsa would definitely be proud.

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