Air traffic controller proposes to girlfriend on a flight

Man Takes Marriage Proposal To The Skies
Man Takes Marriage Proposal To The Skies


Bryson Katzel, an air traffic controller at Vancouver International Airport, seized an incredible opportunity to pop the question to his girlfriend, Christine Waters, who was flying in from Montreal.

The story dates back to 2006, according to a blog post on Cockpit Conversation -- but the adorable moment is bound to melt your heart regardless of its age.

According to a video of the call transcript, an audibly nervous Katzel got some help -- and a bout of confidence -- from an Air Canada pilot. The video notes that the conversation occurred after a successful landing and on a separate frequency, so safety was never jeopardized.

"My girlfriend is on that plane and I was gonna propose to her while you were in the air," he said. 'But I chickened out."

A flight AC187 crew member immediately took action.

"Come on! That's bad, that's really really bad. Give us her name and we're gonna tell her that."

Katzel was redirected to speak over the aircraft speakers, and he flawlessly delivered a performance to his unsuspecting girlfriend in seat 25C.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, I'm your air traffic controller speaking to you from the control tower here at Vancouver airport. I hope all of you have enjoyed your flight this evening with Air Canada from Montreal, and I welcome all of you to Vancouver. The reason I am speaking to you is because there is a very special lady on your flight this evening. Her name is Christine Waters. Christine, can you raise your hand, please? Way up, so everyone can see. Christine, I am crazy in love with you, can't imagine my life without you. You can't see me right now, but I am down on my knee, I have a ring in my hand. Christine, will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?"

We're willing to bet he made Christine the happiest woman in the world that day. According to the pilot, she said 'Yes!' so loud he could hear it from the cockpit.

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