Tooth fairy hits hard financial times

When The Tooth Fairy Hits Hard Financial Times

All right, kiddos - we've got a little bit of bad news for you. If you were planning to make your fortune in exchange for a few teeth under your pillow, you might have to come up with a different plan.

That's because a new report by Visa shows the tooth fairy is feeling the burn of handing out cash and has cut back some funding. (Video via YouTube/ipsoflatley)

ABC: "She's leaving an average of 8 percent less this year than last year, $3.40 a tooth."

KLAS: "That's down 30 cents from $3.70 the year prior. ... Visa's annual report signals it may be about the economy."

Although the hangover from the recession could be partially to blame, the almighty fairy with an odd tooth obsession could also be recovering from her 2013 spending spree.

A so-called tooth inflation took place last year. As this graph from USA Today shows, 2013 was the most generous year from the fairy since Visa began its tracking, although we're not so sure why the company is so nosy about the fairy's spending in the first place.

So that might explain the shortage of funds disappointing tiny toothless Americans. But now what?

Jason Alderman, Visa's Vice President of Global Financial Education, explained, "Less money might be a small disappointment for kids, but it's an ideal opportunity for parents to talk to their children about the importance of saving and budgeting."

Not to mention, $3.40 for a tooth isn't such a bad deal. Visa found kids in Canada only get about $2.60 per tooth.

CBS: "I think mine were worth about 10 cents. Showing my age."

"Yeah, nothing but change, no dollar bills at all."

ABC: "I got 25 cents. So, you know. I got 25 cents."

Yeah, well, times have changed, right? So a piece of advice for you kids who won't take no for an answer - tell Dad when you lose a tooth. The findings show dads are more likely to nudge the tooth fairy to drop some extra change.

This video contains images from J.K. Califf / CC BY SA 2.0 and Gordon​ / CC BY SA 2.0​.
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