'The Tonight Show': Jimmy Fallon shaves Jared Leto's beard

'The Tonight Show': Jimmy Fallon Shaves Jared Leto's Beard
'The Tonight Show': Jimmy Fallon Shaves Jared Leto's Beard

Jared Leto dropped by "The Tonight Show" ... and got more than just an interview. In fact, Jimmy Fallon whipped out some clippers and cleaned up the singer's beard.

JARED: "Do you think just a little bit?
JIMMY: "Actually, I have some clippers here if you don't mind."
JARED: "Right here, right now ... holy sh**."
JIMMY: "This is a big beard.
JARED: "He's pretty good at this ... isn't he?"
JIMMY: "I'm gonna get rid of this dude a little bit."

The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman and recent Oscar winner didn't lose his beard completely, though. After all, Fallon just advised him to "take it down a notch."

Fans on Twitter were loving hilarious shaving segment, calling it amazing.

Jared is a busy man these days, touring the world with his rock band, but if you don't have tickets to a concert, you can also see him in the role that won him an Oscar - last year's "Dallas Buyers Club," which, according to US Weekly, even Leto hasn't seen yet.

His band's new single "Do Or Die" is also now available on itunes.

What do you think of his trim? Think he should just ditch the beard entirely?

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