Little girl finds mystery message in birthday gift

Little Girl Finds Mystery Message in Birthday Gift
Little Girl Finds Mystery Message in Birthday Gift

7-year-old Hannah and her mother, Heidi Turner, are trying to solve a week-old mystery. This notebook came to Hannah's home in Wayland as part of a birthday gift -- but, it turns out that it's been in the hands of another.

FOX17 reports: Written in another language, cracking the code of where this letter came from and what it means is now a mission for the Turner family.

Heidi's oldest child discovered the note and assumed that her mother had written it -- but that was not the case.

"The package was sealed, so I knew that it had to have been written before it was shipped out," Heidi explained. "I did Google translate, but I got nowhere."

During their research, the Turners were able to make one determination -- the notebook's manufacturer is out of India.

"We think its Hindi, but we don't know," Heidi said.

FOX17 took their hunch to Sonia Dalmias, born in India and she's a professor at Grand Valley State University.

"It's a love poem, basically, that guys will recite to woo girls," Dalmias said.

The message, Dalmias says, is spoken in Hindi but written in English. Either way, you could probably refer to it as the language of love.

Hannah -- who's learning what the message means while watching Dalmias' interview -- can sum up her thoughts on the love letter in one word.

"Weird," the little girl said.

The family told FOX17 that they were actually even a little concerned -- hoping that the letter wasn't a call for help. Turns out, it was just a good, old-fashioned love letter.

There were some words that the professor could not identify, so it's not clear what everything in the letter says. However, she did say that they referenced food and water -- and there were two male signatures.

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