Chilling new ISIS threat against Americans on Twitter


A chilling new threat has been lobbed at the U.S. from a Twitter account appearing to be linked to ISIS - the militants who recently beheaded an American journalist.

The threat claims the next Message to America will be "with a new American victim as a courier mail."

Several other images of beheadings, heads on fence posts and other atrocities populate the terrorist's Twitter timeline, including the infamous video of American journalist James Foley's horrific execution.

His account is followed by thousands of other terrorists, terror sympathizers and, curiously, Western journalists.

The threat to ship another American's head home in a box may or may not be real, and the ever-changing nature of ISIS is such that this could be legitimate.

Twitter's constant moves to shut down terrorist-linked accounts also leaves the group without any officials communications channels.

Also uncovered during an AOL investigation into the background of this individual's links to extremists was the widespread use among insurgents of the hashtag #USgovtKilledJamesFoley.

Many other terrorists were using the hashtag #ShawnOnGMA, used for a Thursday morning musical performance on ABC's "Good Morning America,' to force the video of Foley's execution in front of many unsuspecting people.

Where Is James Foley's Killer from?
Where Is James Foley's Killer from?

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