Teen takes to the trees in protest

Teen Takes To The Trees In Protest
Teen Takes To The Trees In Protest

"Those trees are beautiful but I didn't go up for those trees, I went up there for this community and what this community is destined to be."

Chiara D'Angelo, 19, climbed 70 feet up a tree on Bainbridge Island in Washington state to protest plans for a shopping center that would require cutting down more than 800 trees. And her community is backing her up.

But as you heard, D'Angelo didn't do it for the trees.

She stayed perched high in a tree for several days because, as she tells ABC News, it's also a threat to local business...but because of the threat of arrest, she has since come down from the tree.

An Ohio-based developer says it will move forward with building the shopping center. The teen says she and her friends plan to boycott any businesses that open shop in the mall.

Leave it to teens to take a high stand! Last year, a 16-year-old who goes by the name 'Greenleaf' spent weeks tree sitting in an effort to bring attention to global warming.

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