Jackie Chan expressed shame over son's drug arrest

BEIJING (AP) - Action star Jackie Chan says he's ashamed and saddened over his son's arrest on drug charges and has apologized to the public.

In a microblog posting Wednesday, Chan said his actor son Jaycee Chan would have to face the consequences of his actions, but promised that the two would face the future together.

Jaycee Chan was detained was detained last Thursday with Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko. They are the latest high-profile celebrities to be ensnared in one of China's biggest anti-drug crackdowns in two decades.

Police said both actors tested positive for marijuana and admitted using the drug, and that 100 grams (3.53 ounces) of it were taken from Chan's home.

China named the elder Chan as an anti-drug ambassador in 2009.

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Jackie Chan's Son Busted for Drugs
Jackie Chan's Son Busted for Drugs