Bride brings wedding to father with Alzheimer's

Bride Brings Wedding To Father With Alzheimer's
Bride Brings Wedding To Father With Alzheimer's

When it comes to weddings, choosing the right venue is a big priority -- but for one Michigan woman, the only thing that mattered was the guest list.

In this photo from The Toledo Blade, Miriam Reeves tied the knot with Mark Davis. It's a little hard to tell, but they aren't at a church. Instead, they decided to wed at a care center for people with Alzheimer's in Ohio.

They originally planned to have the ceremony at a church but when Miriam's father was diagnosed with the Alzheimer's, those plans changed.

The family was worried about what might happen if he left his nursing home to attend her wedding, so Miriam decided to take her big day to him.

She told The Blade, "My dad has been my hero my entire life and I know that if he was well, he would be at my wedding front and center. And I thought, 'Why not move it there and it would be more of a special event.'"

Miriam was the last of six kids to get married and her mother says it means a lot that her father was able to be a part of it despite his ailment.

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