An 'Extreme Weight Loss' first: Chris kicks contestant out of program

'Extreme Weight Loss': Chris Kicks Contestant Out Of Program In 'EWL' First
'Extreme Weight Loss': Chris Kicks Contestant Out Of Program In 'EWL' First

For the first time in "Extreme Weight Loss" history, Chris Powell kicked a contestant out of his transformation program.

He said said, "Not only do you not believe in yourself, but you just don't want to believe in yourself ... until you realize the power of keeping promises to yourself... you're not ready to transform."

Chris later explained, "When we gave Christy that plane ticket, she didn't even put up a fight. She didn't even try to convince us to stay."

Chris started to question Christy's work ethic in phase two of the transformation process, when Christy hadn't called or texted for a month and ended up gaining weight instead of losing it. She also was supposed to walk ½ a mile home after a work out and instead ended up hitching a ride home, which pushed Chris over the edge. The personal trainer told Christy she needed to fight for herself but said she wasn't ready to work hard, commit, and was full of excuses.

As notes, the 36-year-old caretaker of her ill mother had a pretty rough past. She was bullied her whole life, and even tried committing suicide by riding her bike into a truck, but it was actually the weight that saved her in that accident.

Fans on Twitter felt bad for Christy, saying she blew an amazing opportunity to make the transformation of a lifetime.

Not the happiest episode we've ever seen but we do hope Christy is doing better these days. To catch more episodes of "Extreme Weight Loss" you can tune into ABC Tuesdays nights at 8/7c.

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