Why your feet may be the secret to good sleep

Why Your Feet Might Be The Key To Good Sleep
Why Your Feet Might Be The Key To Good Sleep

Forget counting sheep -- the secret to sleep is ... your feet. That's according to a new article in New York Magazine. Writer Melissa Dahl wanted to find out why she sleeps with a foot outside her blankets at night.

So she reached out to Professor Natalie Dautovich, spokeswoman for the National Sleep Foundation. Dautovich told Dahl leaving feet outside the blankets will cool you down. Our hands and feet are good at keeping us cool because they're hairless and have special blood vessels, Dahl reports.

So, secret to good sleep revealed? Well, maybe secret to a sleep tip. This doesn't mean everyone should sleep with a foot outside the covers.

Some people try to warm their feet. WebMD even notes that "cold feet, in particular, can be very disruptive to sleep."

We're all Goldilocks when it comes to sleep, it seems. Sleep research on the whole shows the ideal sleep temperature is very specific, person to person. The temp in a room might be great for one person to sleep, and not another. And you'll have a hard time sleeping if you're too hot or too cold.

This is even something mattress companies have tackled. Sleep Number's DualTemp, for example, lets each side of a bed have different temps so partners sleep perfectly.

Basically, the right temperature for you helps you sleep, and if you need to cool down to get there, try slipping your feet out from under the sheets.

For more on Dahl's "sleep hack," check out her article on NYMag.com. She also explains the science behind a body temperature drop right before sleep.

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